We want to thank all of our volunteers and all of those who came out to help make our 4th Annual Loudoun Lyme event such a huge success!!

So many of us either have Lyme or have someone close to us that suffers from Lyme disease which was the driving force behind all of the countless hours spent.

Please know that we could not have done this without your hard work and dedication.

Also, be sure to “Like” us on Facebook – Loudoun Lyme Group – and continue to visit our web page, www.loudounlyme.org  for information and updates about our 5th annual event scheduled to take place on May 17, 2015!!




Diane Baker
Joel Balberto
Barbara Balduman
Bryan Banks
Evelyn Banks
Kathy Boileau
Don Boileau
Alva Bourges
Clayton Bourges
Nancy Brooks
Ben Burnie
 Det Chanthapanya
Barbara Cohen
Christine Covey
Maureen Crystal
Paul Denmon
Dave Denmon
Carol DuPuis
Madeline DuPuis
Spencer DuPuis
Matt Elliott
Michael Ferris
Colleen Flynn
John Gates
Patty Gates
Jackie Gormley
Shane Gotschi
Reagan Gotschi
Jett Gotschi
 Tysen Gotschi
Steve Gotschi
Lesley Green
Christina Guida
Judy Haynes
Rick Hendrix
Janet Jensen
Debbie Jolly
Kelly Kapalka
 Maria Kim
John Kim
Megan Kim
Michael Kim
Helen Kokolakis
Jim Larkin
Dee Larkin
Bob Mecaughey
Thomas Merical
Lucy Miller
Cheryl Monroe-Medonich
Matt Neamand
Stephanie Ned
Maria Nicolau
Christine Oelschlager
Maureen O’Neill
Michaela O’Neill
 Rick Orpin
 Brigid Powell
 Brittany Powell
 Alex Powell
Maya Rosenfeld
Peter Rosenfeld
Chloe Shuman
Monte Skall
Gregg Skall
Donna Smith
Daria Sobek
Kit Southall
David Spencer
Emilie Spencer
Amy Stanton
Simone Taylor-Woolley
Karen Weber
Sharon Whitehouse
Nancy Wyrick